Headed to the Camp

One thing we noticed while talking with all the locals was that everyone had a camp. People kept asking Glenn, “you going to the camp next weekend?” Tim & I didn’t fully understand what that was. Glenn explained to us that they often went to the camp on the weekends. It was a place where they hunted, relaxed, and mostly had their “man time”. Lisa and the ladies shop while the men are away. Now mind you we are in Cajun Country, so nothing is the same as ours. Glenn & Lisa decided to take us to the camp on Sunday…by boat. You see, the camp is out in the swamp. People rent land or water space for about $125 and $70 a year to place either a house or houseboat on. They drive their boats to different areas and hunt squirrel, rabbit, and duck.  What an odd combination huh? Thankfully squirrel and rabbit season came in the following weekend of our trip, so I didn’t have to taste that. We loaded up in Glenn’s little boat {did I mention it doesn’t have seats?} and headed out into the Achapallia Basin Spillway {that’s big water if you’re wondering}. Many of you may know my history with boats. I have this thing about falling out and something touching my feet. This boat was deep & wide enough that I didn’t have to worry about that. I figured if they can hold thousands of pounds of gators then it could hold me!

Something happened on this trip. It was so peaceful on the water and sitting on the bottom of this boat with no seats. Tim & I agree that our time on the boat might have been the most enjoyable part on the trip. As we were traveling at high speed we approached this barge pushing something very large. We got closer and realized they were pushing a camp house out to someone’s camp. This little ole camp house was about as big as our house! Notice the men on the front porch.

We motored on down the spillway {it was a nice smooth ride} and came upon some cows. Yes, I said COWS. That was quite amusing and unexpected. 

After about 15 minutes of peaceful speedy boating we took a right and there it was. The camp.

There was the Templet’s house {on land} and to the right down the little bayou were 3 smaller house boats. Glenn knew the people {they all know everyone} so he passed their place and we made some new friends. We parked the boat {and let me tell you he can park. He got the nose of that boat in a corner so we could get out and visit…and of course use the restroom} and right there in front of my eyes Glenn’s sweet brother began cleaning this catfish. 

It was more than I could handle so I had to turn my back and be rude :(.

We went inside and looked around at their camp and made small talk for a bit. It was truly like a camper, just on floaties and not tires. Interesting thing was, these things were everywhere. As we road through the swamp, we would come upon one alone or a community of several. It was so neat.

Random Camp out in the canal.

This is the view from their camp house. You can see that our boat only had a quilt. Glenn used the cooler to sit on while he drove. And yes, those are our bags. They made fun of me and my back-pack. I had everything I needed to survive out in the swamp…a comb, water, change of clothes, my camera, & a few other necessities.

We had to head back home because the Saints were playing and Lisa couldn’t miss her game and Tim {you’ll find this hard to believe} wanted to eat at Landry’s again. As we were headed back we spotted a gator. I was so excited to see him/her sunbathing on the land. As we turned around it scooted {I guess gators scoot} into the water. We got very close to this monster. It had to have been at least 3 or 4 feet long lol. 


We had such a fun time looking at the camps and we even boated in the Little Gator Airplane Canal. I was told that this is Willie & Jr’s hunting area {if you know who they are}. We saw several marked trees…could this have possibly been theirs?


Our experience on the swamp for the first time was breathtaking. You just can’t imagine how peaceful it really is until you visit it. Not what I had in mind at all. 🙂

to be cont…




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  1. Freddie Cavet

    I live in Metairie, Louisiana.
    Going to my friend T-Boys (Lil daddy) house in Pierre Part to catfish in the morning. I always tell him thanks for taking me catching. I fish but don’t catch if any. He catches. Know what I mean ? Take care.

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