Yes…I ate it!

Finally the time arrived for us to eat some “real cajun cookin'”. After our ‘party barge’ ride, we drove over to Landry’s seafood. It’s a local seafood place and they say it’s often hard to get a seat. The LSU game was on Saturday evening so thankfully most of the regulars were at home. As I looked over the menu, I knew the pick-in’s for me were slim. After viewing the different frog, shrimp, alligator, and turtle options, I finally found some chicken.

Our sweet waitress Sharon was kind enough to bring us some gator bites to start us off for the evening. My friends all told me that if I was going to Cajun Country, I had to try some various animals. Well…I did it! Want proof? Here’s the video of me eating Gator with my cheering squad surrounding me. 🙂

Needless to say, we had an interesting evening at Landry’s. The food was so delicious that Tim and I ate there again on Sunday. I was so excited that Sharon and the other waitresses remembered us. Glenn said it was because I was so loud. I don’t believe that.

This is Sharon, our waitress at Landry’s. Super sweet lady and she was so kind to keep the odd animals and gooey gumbo coming to the table.

Not sure if I mentioned the casino’s in an earlier post, but I’ve got to share this. When Tim and I entered the Pierre Part area we began to see HUGE lit up Casino signs. We laughed about it being alot like Vegas and that maybe we could win some money. As we passed by the Casino facilities, we noticed they were all small service stations. Confused but humored we kept driving {not that we had planned on stopping anyway}. I was hoping to possibly see some big lights or shows, but there were none. Most of the stations/restaurants over there advertised a casino. Landry’s had a casino. Are you ready for this…and I’m not making this up at all! Here’s the entry door into the casino.

Yes my friends, behind those two swinging doors were 2 slot machines. I never saw anyone go in there and I wasn’t about to. Not sure if they ever have any big winners. I’ll have to ask on that one.

After a great meal at Landry’s, we headed back to our cabin and rested up for what was to come on Sunday.

to be cont…


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